Tuesday, April 08, 2003

hmm feeling a bit befuddled at the moment. i hate the way that i try to fit too many ideas into the one work. simplicity rocks. the transparency of interaction esp if its just a one on one interaction. maybe i should have been a philosopher afterall then i could have been dense to my hearts content. ideas about nextwave. spatialisation of sound and image is what allows the audience to gain an insight into the phenomenology of the internet as a complex thing. create a complex but immediate space. nic performs sound that is streamed. different speakers for dry sound, effected sound, streamed sound etc so what you do is create this really layered dense sound timbre that is all sort of the same but all different. micropolyphony. same with the images? i wonder what would happen if you had a huge theremin antenna in a space and there were lots of people standing around it would the sound change due to the increased capacitance of lots of people as opposed to a few? the ability to turn things on and off. images/sounds or it will just be too dense. thats what was so beautiful about swift was the spatial counterpoint.. i like the idea of people being able to experience it from the stream as well so its like there are humans in that interception or at least in different parts of the transformation. yes the internet can connect spaces but those spaces are mediated by its phenomenology just as our expereince of different spaces are mediated by our sensual engagement ... is that a bit too tangential?

Saturday, April 05, 2003

TeSla prefigures so much of the 20th century its amazing. much in the same way that Stravinsky's "Rites of Spring" prefigure so much of contemporary music. its kind of scary though as some of it foreshadows alot of the dodgy politics that went on as well and also in the sense that some of the problems that he points to still haven't changed... "For every person who perishes from the effect of a stimulant, at least a thousand die from the consequences of drinking impure water." from "The Problem of Increasing Human Energy"

Friday, April 04, 2003

"Simulation games are recognized worldwide as the most valuable method to teach complex, subtle concepts to a large group." http://www.osearth.com/workshops/index.shtml
interesting idea... games are the way to keep up with an information society as they are a way to understand large amounts of information and relations of information in a short amount of time. maybe we will become more abstracted from being-in-the-world as things are no longer just reduced to their informational content but we enage in somekind of disembodied virtual enagement with the in game format. or is it disembodied? is it a way of bringing the body and body knowledge back into learning?

homeopathy and residues. the idea that residues of molecules can still exist with a substance even though its been diluted so many times. maybe its to do with the energy of these molecules?

Thursday, April 03, 2003

feeling all fuzzy headed chronic fatigue blob syndrome again. just spent most of today in bed which sucks cause there's so much to do. anyway... there are no bombs falling in my bedroom.

ideas about connection between my project and the live in idea.
i guess i need to look at the central metaphors/concepts operating in my idea.
the idea of communication between bodies is an important one. this could be explored both within the live in space (relating to ronald's idea of the presence map) and also between bodies in the space and those outside. where does PAN come in to this? i'd love to set everyone up with their own PAN networks but i don't really think thats feasible within the given time frame. the idea of the data feedback loop between inside the live in and the outside is also something that could be set up exploring both the structural residues in the network and also the idea outside agents intercepting the data stream (outsiders participating in the event).
the idea of the live in space as reflecting back to the body and thus acting as a biofeedback mechanism is also interesting.
something that could be done during the live in is looking at processes and ideas of transforming bodies into sound. if there were lots of ultrasound transmitters and receivers within the space the idea of interefence patterns and difference tones the residues of bodies in interaction with a network also comes into play.
i don't want to get too caught up in techno wizardry and lose the idea of liveness - the tehnology obfuscates the bodies.
it would be really nice to have lots of different forms of energy mapping the presence of bodies with no mimetic image representation of them in the space (infa red detectors and ultrasound and voltmeters on the body) all streamed to the outside so there is a sensing of the rhythms, envelopes and intensities of relations communicated. as well as maybe text. i liked pia's idea of having a writer in there genertaing realtime wiki so that language becomes yet another residue (word of the day) of this lived space. maybe this is one of the spaces where the outsiders can enter the feedback loop of information. and this then effects what is going on inside. how else could they intercept? maybe they could also have infared detectors installed in their work space so that the outsiders become phantom bodies that inhabit the space and come and go as they come and go (rhythms of presence) from engagement with the live in. makes me think of those faces on that V2 website but it deals less with the body as object and more with the body as BwO continuous with the space.

Tuesday, April 01, 2003

more ideas in relation to performance. the idea that the stream goes out to other points on the net where people intercept it, engage with it, alter it, and then back into the room so it becomes about multiple channels of communication, multiple bodies. metaphor of the channel-also used to talk about networks(channel capacity). metaphor of mis-communication - there is nic in the room performing/sharing energy but what is received in data form is mis-communicated/phase shifted/altered.

Monday, March 31, 2003

been having ideas for performance work. finally things are starting to come in to focus a bit. really interested in the idea of the rhythm of expansion and contraction as related to the rhythm of interpersonal communication the rhythm of the body-self. the idea of the rhythms of the body as relating to the SETI artificial intelligence thing -communications from outerspace. maybe or maybe not this is predecated on an assumption of AI like cartesian intelligence. thinking about some way to instantiate the rhythms of the body in the network - to send it out into inderterminate space as some kind of yearning for connection. i had the idea of a large room say the size of the north melbourne town hall in which there is a physical performer (nic hypothetically) shrouded in some way but still visible using biofeedback mechanisms to send out rhythms of bodily energy to a streaming server which streams this as data and then the data becomes corrupted by the network - rhythms of delay and harmonic distortion. then also in the space there are several computers logged in to the stream which convert this data into sound via max msp which is then sent out to the RMIT sound diffusion system located around the space and also into a realtime data to image program such as some derivation of a cellular automotar which is then projected in multiple projectors at different angles throughout the space. on entering the space people are given white shrouds to wear and as the move around the space they receive this information projected onto their bodies and feel the vibration from the sound while watching nic perform in some way. the other idea i had was that there would be some program that would find rhythms/repeated sequences in the data and relate this sonically to Warren's repeated sequences of microtonality see www.iii.rmit.edu.au/sonology/ACMC2002/ and click on 'Warren Burt'

Thursday, March 27, 2003

our psychological sense of time is based on the second law of thermodynamics. www.secondlaw.com/two.html

"Energy spontaneously tends to flow only from being concentrated in one place
to becoming diffused or dispersed and spread out. "

it relates to our propensity to use induction as a way of understanding future trajectories based on the our
expectation of the consistent behaviour of energy in its different forms. how does this relate to space-time?
how does rhythm operate without time?
the rhythm of accumulation and dissipation relates directly to Reich's (Willhlem Reich 'The Function of the Orgasm') ideas about bioelectric energy - expansion and contraction - and the workings of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. he relates this expansion and contraction to electrical potential "the body is governed by electrical processes. It is made up of countless 'border surfaces' between membranes and electrolytic fluids... electrical tensions develop and [these] borders...." and "the energy in the body is constantly in motion from place of higher to places of lower potential". He goes on to say that "bioelectrical energy would continually oscillate between tension-charge and discharge-relaxation" creating a wavelike rhythm. This relates to the cranial rhythm dealt with in Osteopathy.

skin=membrane border across which a potential difference occurs. a border. a container for the rhythm of contraction and expansion

SETI searches for intelligent life by looking for repeated patterns in RF frequencies from space
my work ....
why sound? because its a way of understanding vibrations.
biofeedback (a method of interpersonal communication between people on the level of affect) and sonification (mapping information onto parameters of sound)
the body as the transducer between electromagnetic vibrations and sonic/mechanical vibrations. interesting implications for physical performance in this image.
transducer = accumulation and dissipation of energy (which is what happens in a circuit = a complex transducer)
the rhythm of accumulation and dissipation (terratorialising in deleuze and guattari's sense) as creating its own pulse that differentiates it from any other information pathway - a rhythm that creates a rhythm (recursive)

information pathway over a network. the network contributes its own stucture (delay etc). biofeedback between group of people at one end and a group of people at the other.

rhythms of energy is like people looking for signs of "intelligent" life in the pulses of the stars. intelligent in what sense? intelligent like AI expresses it or intelligence in terms of a coalesence of energy.

strings= conductor skin = insulator/resistor wind= information/movement from one place to another

interference patterns between peoples natural magnetic/PAN fields

the body as noise - boolean logic as the basis of digital technology then the body with its infinitely varying voltage potentials is indeed noise.

Wednesday, March 26, 2003

what are we actually trying to do with the idea of the live in? for mike in his suggestion about the overnight live in it seems to be alot about place. how do we feel about and use place? what is the residue left from the reciprocal engagement between place and human habitation?

the idea overall seems to allude to an experimental framework. an experiment on the people in the live in. or maybe it is just some kind of condensation of affectual experience in order to revision living in this way.
i don't know but i think we need to be very clear about our reasons for doing it other than it just being a cool idea.

for me i think a benefit of doing it could be the collaborative framework - not feeling like i was totally out on my own and also being pushed to think and do in different ways. but in order for this to be of benefit i need to know exactly where i stand and how the [live in] fits with my project. maybe i need to go back into my own work to sort this out.

i think we are all going to come at it with very different intentions and one of the interesting things will be how we layer these different intentions over the same event. so it could be collaborative not in the sense of having a merged outcome but a multifaceted one.

Sunday, March 23, 2003

* Definition: Simultaneity arises when the causal relationship
between Y and X runs both ways. In other words, the ex-
planatory variable X is a function of the dependent variable
Y , which in turn is a function of X
(ie the relationship between current and resistance)

so in effect is is an attempt to distill the elements of a confound (as discussed by Massumi in 'The Brightness Confound'). a dissection of wholeness. or maybe it just expresses in mathematical language the dynamic unity of its subject. the fact that it is a rule extrapolated in to non-locatedness is no different from our ability to talk about the confound in natural language. the only difference is that maths has somehow aquired a level of 'truth' in everyday discourse that appears transform it both into a sealed logic system and a completely transparent window onto the nature of reality. i suspect the problem is that the general public does not witness the constant redefining of terms that must take place in mathematics in the same way as it does in philosophy as they are not able to understand it.

"Our science has always desired to monitor, measure, abstract and castrate meaning, forgetting that life is full of noise and that death alone is silent.."

death alone is silent

alone is silent.

death comes in a silence artificially constructed by the illusion of objectivity and a missappropration of the divine maintained by a tyrant who vain gloriously clutches at the sublime

we grieve noisily

i howl

[above quote from Jacques Attali, Noise: The political economy of music, (trans 1985)]

Saturday, March 22, 2003

last night i went to a concert from the world forum of acoustic ecology symposium at federation square in the BMW theatre (not quite sure if thats what its called). anyway the architecture was very surreal. sitting there enclosed in all this glass i felt like i was floating/hovering in some other worldly plane. the glass refecting what was going on inside (people silent in rows focussing on the disappearing plane of glass and the shifting sounds bouncing back so crisply off the multifaceted surface) onto the flashing lights of the arts centre spire outside and the lines of lights inside the glass melting in to the lined street lights beyond. an ever reciprocating transformation surface. it was like there were these artifacts - sonic, architectural, visual, repeating motifs of motion, - all layered in shifting time space around me. it brought home to me how much sense of space is constructed and then as i was walking home along tree lined streets with their little box houses which i have always taken so for granted i was stuck by the tenousness of this reality. balanced upon lines of perspective and the need for vistas of display in which we perform like peacocks dances to affirm/repeat/construct the necessary connection of space, place and identity. (realisations of a non-architect)

Friday, March 21, 2003

hmm don't seem to be very good at this regular blogging thing. interesting ideas in this weeks readings relating noise/the void organisations thereof. made me think of Jacques Attali Noise: The Poilitical Economy of Music so I Iooked it up and realised it was translated by Massumi. Interesting.
Been reading alot about electricity and i finally found out what a solenoid does after having many people unsuccesfully attempt to explain it to me.
There doesn't seem to be enough time in the day to absorb all these words and also attempt to mold them into some useful form(useful, that is, to me). All I seem to be able to to is run around joining all the bits together in some in a frenzied rhythm of territorialisation. perhaps. to me it feels like a spider furiously spinning who is never quite able to catch the fly. on the fly. how are we supposed to understand anything if we are not able to analyse it. why write about affect when the only way to truly express it is through art. the art of writing. circularity. re-mapping. repetition. leaps of stupidity. puppies arachnids and the currents running through me now as I type. and the currents humming through this keyboard and the high whine of the fan. background noise. my body (noise) merges with this body of text (information - noise).

Friday, March 14, 2003

[Also edited 3.16.03]
Potential difference can be defined as the energy per unit charge consumed by a circuit or dissipated in a resistor. "POTENTIAL IS THE IMMANENCE OF A THING TO IT'S STILL INDETERMINATE VARIATION.." (MASSUMI)

" emotion [read energy] ....... whose eddies are more or less good (positive), bad (negative) or indifferent [read neutral]. Emotion enters.. the scene when there is some discrepancy or change..." Dissanayake

DIFFERENCE: Information= "A difference that makes a difference" (Bateson)

" THERE ARE CERTAIN RELATIONS BETWEEN THE MAP AND THE TERRITORY WHICH ARE ... RELATIONS OF DIFFERENCE" (RAKATANSKY) " DIFFERENCES ARE THINGS THAT GET ONTO A MAP" (BATESON) Vectors: characters [read diagrams/bodies]...have within them, internal conflicts, internal differentiations .... and that is the nature of their conflictual ... and differentiated character, which is always in response to external conflicts,... external differentiations." (Rakatansky)

Thursday, March 13, 2003

[Also edited 03.15.03]
Digitally encoded data travels along fibreoptic cable in the form of a square wave(digitally modulated photons of light). A SQUARE WAVE CONTAINS ONLY ODD HARMONICS WHICH GIVE IT A HOLLOW QUALITY. Two or more streams of photons can travel down a single strand of fibreoptic cable without interference. MODULATING THE PULSE WIDTH OF A SQUARE WAVE GIVES IT A RICH CHORUS LIKE EFFECT OFTEN USED IN 'STRING' SOUNDS.

Underneath the ocean there are massive cables (read strings/tendons/gut strings) installed in pressure gages which enable data transmission between continents.

There are four types of !transmission delay! within a network. ONE OF THE MOST BASIC YET VERSATILE TECHNIQUES OF AUDIO PROCESSING IS TO DELAY THE SIGNAL AND MIX THE DELAYED VERSION WITH THE ORIGINAL SIGNAL. These are; serial delay, propagation delay, computation delay and the delay between packets. THIS WAY IS A WAY OF EMULATING A SOUND WAVE BOUNCING AROUND A SPACE.

TRANSMISSION: "simultaneously showing that every act of transmission.. is always a form of configuration, and that every act of configuration (or reconfiguration) is a form of [re] transmission." (Rakatansky)
anamorphosis= "suggests a back and forth movement and constant forming and reforming" (Greenblatt)

NETWORK: " A concept is defined ... by the regularities of connection that have been established between it and other concepts: its rhythms of arrival and departure..; when and how it tends to relay into another concept. ... Rhythm, relay, arrival and departure. These are the relations of motion [vector] and rest: affect." (Massumi)

PATTERN: " an auditory temporal pattern is correspondant with a similar visually presented temporal pattern ... [the] infants capacity to transfer, intermodally, the properties of duration beat and rhythm.." All experiences become recast as patterned constellations.." (Stern) " REPETITION, EXAGGERATION, AND ELABORATION IN VISUAL VOCAL AND GESTURAL MODALITIES. I CALL THESE 'AESTHETIC' INCUNABUAL' - THAT IS, SOURCES ... OF THE OPERATION USED BY ARTISTS IN ALL MEDIA TO ATTRACT ATTENTION AND PROVOKE AND MANIPULATE EMOTIONAL RESPONSE." (DISSANAYAKE) "What is left to discuss is how [relations of motion] .. might be developed in to improvisations, how points might be developed through a process of counterpoint." (Rakantansky)

Sunday, March 09, 2003

Liveness is a name.
I am calling you.
I am attempting to grasp all that you are
will be, have become, were

I am calling you.
But I can't catch you.

Trails left
behind, to the side
and above me.
Your flight path condensed in cold air.

I can't catch you.
But I am inside you.

Liveness is a name.

For all that vibrates.
My cells

(I am inside you)
resonate intimately in this moment
otherwise known as air
with a high pitched road drone
of information.

My eardrum
to the hum of the data pulse.
Your thought
squeezed tight into a bright square wave.

Two conductors
of infinite length
and the light
emitted by platinum at freezing point.

and mulitply (Liveness)
Differentiate and coalesce (is a name).